Catalyst Circus & Performing Arts Inc.

  • 13 Amy Elsey Drive
  • Charleston, SC 29407
  • 843-724-9929
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Catalyst Circus & Performing Arts Inc.

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Reviewed by Monica Q on 04/11/2012

Great Studio

I had never take pole before & was a little nervous about it but the instructors & everyone at Catalyst have been so friendly. I was looking for a studio that was more about the fitness aspect of pole and I found the right place. They have excellent prices, a great studio space, and awesome instructors.

Reviewed by Cayce on 04/18/2012


I went to a sample class here in Feb/March. It was small, well-lit, everyone got their own pole some personalized attention. The instructor was knowledgeable, strung moves together well in a progression, and was wonderfully personable and friendly. I really enjoyed it and look forward to going back now that it's renovated and even better!

Reviewed by Nancy on 04/19/2012

Great class

This is a very affordable class for anyone that wants to get in shape in a fun way. Each class challenges me with something new, working different muscles! The instructor is great, very encouraging and keeps the class small so she can provide more interaction with students. I'm very pleased with this class!

Reviewed by English on 04/20/2012


I absolutely love taking this class. The teachers are very attentive and will work with you if you are a beginner. I learned so much, very quickly. Take this class...promise you'll love it and get a great work out. The pole room looks amazing too. Great atmosphere.

Reviewed by nina on 04/21/2012

pole fitness

i love pole fitmess. i have been exercising on pole for over two years and its benefits are great from head to toe. i have a lot of fun with my instructors.....learning new tricks all the time.....embrace the bruises....i love it

Reviewed by Samantha P. on 05/07/2012

Fun TImes!

A fun studio! You can feel the love for pole and aerial fun the moment you step through the doors. The studio is clean, well lighted, extremely affordable, with ample room for the poles, and open space for strength training / flexibility work. The trainers are attentive and WANT to see YOU succeed. A very enjoyable experience!

Reviewed by Lori on 05/22/2012

Great studio and teacher

I really enjoy everything at Catalyst. The verticle fitness classes are challenging and fun. The instructors are knowledgable and put students at ease. Great work out and a great time too!

Lil Minx