Amorous Dance Pole and Fitness, LLC

  • 1662 Savannah Highway Suite 320
  • Charleston , SC 29407
  • 843-819-DIVA (3482)
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Amorous Dance Pole and Fitness, LLC

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Reviewed by Katie on 07/26/2013


I absolutely love Amorous! I had never tried pole fitness before coming here, and I was blown away! It is by far the best workout I have ever had, but it is so fun that you don't realize how hard you're working. The instructors are top notch and focus on safety first and are always willing to give you personal attention to make sure you're doing the moves correctly. The atmosphere is great - everyone is so supportive and encouraging. Amazed by my progress so far! Love Amorous!!!

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Reviewed by Lisa on 05/02/2012

Great Fitness Program!!

I am so happy to be at Amorous Dance and Pole Fitness. I leave there and feel like I have really worked out. It is a workout that is fun so you do not realize how much you have done. I recommend this studio to everyone that is looking for a great workout with an excellent instructor!!

Reviewed by Tanya on 05/27/2012


Amorous has been such a blessing. The staff is so talented, professional, funny, dedicated, family/friend oriented, and deeply cares about each client. This studio has personally turned my life around and made me realize great things do happen to good people, but you have to work for it. You have to deal with the rain to get the rainbow. Everyone affiliated with Amorous, I thank you!! And congrats to Quenby for winning people's choice and 3rd place/ Amber Miss FITNESS at PDA COMPETITION'12!

Reviewed by Brenda F on 05/27/2012


Amorous Dance Pole & Fitness added an entire section of superlatives to the PDA '12 competition. The dance team was professional, gorgeous & fun. The competitors were amazing.

Reviewed by Triphena on 01/13/2012

They've got my vote!

Although I don't currently take classes at Amorous, I started when they first opened. The staff has always provided a supportive and friendly atmosphere. This studio has everything I need from pole. It offers a mixture of dance and advanced aerial moves, which I was in desperate need of. It's fairly new, so it doesn't have the variety of classes that I desire, but they are the only place in Charleston who comes close.

Reviewed by Jane on 01/18/2012

Premier Pole Studio in Charleston

Amorous is exactly what I want in a pole fitness class. The classes are well managed (instructors are able to demonstrate and safely teach complex moves as well as remain readily available throughout), varied dance and strength training each class (not the same routine week after week), and most of all an incredibly challenging and exciting exercise class. It's an exceptional pole studio.

Reviewed by Brenda on 01/18/2012

Premier fitness

Great fitness regime; I'm in the best shape in years. Very attentive so that each time i attend I feel like i get individual attention.

Reviewed by Michelle on 01/18/2012

Best dance studio around

So much fun I didn't realize how many inches I was losing. Let the good times roll!

Reviewed by Samantha P. on 01/22/2012

What Charleston Needed!!!!!!

I have traveled to many states taking many pole classes and will have to say this studio is at the top of my list! In class you get all that I love about pole; cardio, strength, tricks,personal attention, and most of all FUN!!!! From new timmer to a pro this is a stuido for all pole lovers!!

Reviewed by Brandy Valentine on 02/08/2012

Love it

I do burlesque, and I love love love the class, one thing it keeps me in shape, the staff is so talented, and so much fun, as well I get to learn some new tricks.

Reviewed by Tara G on 01/06/2013

Great place to pole!

I would recommend Amorous Dance to anyone looking to begin pole, or to a seasoned poler wanting to get back into a studio/change studios. Tanya has always been a great instructor who cares about her students. She's also one of the most knowledgeable and skilled instructors at a studio I've seen, especially in Charleston. I wouldn't recommend anywhere else in the Charleston metro to go except here. I've been a poler for 4 years now and this is the only local studio I would think about attending.

Reviewed by Cynthia Broom on 02/09/2012

Truly a Fitness Workout!

I've been doing Pole Fitness for 4 years, and this is the best studio in town! I drive from Mt. P just to be here it's so awesome!!! The staff practice safety first followed by lots of fun! Each move is layered from basic to advance, making it something new each and every time! If you think you are in shape, I challenge you to try Pole will humble you! Amazing staff, great upbeat music, cardio and strength training won't be disappointed!

Reviewed by Gretchen on 03/02/2012

Killer Workout!

I took a loooong break from pole due to being burned somewhere else. I am so glad that there is another option for Pole in this area. The instructors are great. Friendly, helpful and encouraging. My first month back was killer. I was worn out and still wanting more. I love this studio and can't wait to get better at pole with their help.

Reviewed by Michelle W. on 03/06/2012

Fun and Intense

I can't believe how much fitness Amorous Dance and Fitness can pack into one hour and still make it fun! I love this studio and the instructors are fabulous. It is clear that they all have a passion for pole fitness and pay close attention to making sure that you are comfortable and are doing the moves properly. From warm up to cool down, I could tell I was working my body and having fun at the same time. I highly recommend Amorous!

Reviewed by Abigail on 05/22/2013

Amorous is the best!

In my opinion, Amorous is the best studio in Charleston. The instructors are true professionals and enthusiastic; their love of pole dance is simply infectious. I can't get enough! I feel myself getting stronger and more graceful with every class. Thanks Amorous!!

Reviewed by JLS on 06/11/2013

Amorous is Amazing!

I am thrilled to have found a new pole home. The instructors are great and knowledgable. Classes are so much fun and you don't even realize how much you are doing until you are all sweaty at the end. Tanya is an amazing instructor that really cares about everyone. I travel from Summerville to come to Amorous and it is well worth the travel. This is just what Charleston needed! If you try it once, you'll be hooked.

Reviewed by Nancy on 07/18/2013

Not worth the money

Ask the people in your class how much money they pay for classes. Don't be surprised at what you discover.

Reviewed by Sula89 on 08/30/2013


had class with an amazing dancer but was seriously annoying talks like a baby runs round like shes geeked up on something did 2 sessions to see if another teacher would be better and they gave me someone that obviously loves the plastic surgeons WOW! switched days to avoid that wreck and quit

Reviewed by rachel on 01/04/2012


0 stars would have been better

Reviewed by Bridget on 01/03/2013

Shady Dance Pole & Fitness

Poler of a few yrs in NC & moved here I wanted to stay poling. Class was spent with teacher Tonya asking me to dance while bugging me on how I did my poletricks. She gave me lots of praise which came across like she wanted to take me to bed. She later insisted I learn something that required my shoulder to be hyperextended. The class was full of Tonya sycophants & creepy women more interested in partying over the wkend or avoiding home lives. I'm better off on my pole than with that fake group.

Lil Minx