Boulder Spirals

  • 4700 Sterling Drive Unit C
  • Boulder, CO 80301
  • 720-989-1838
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Boulder Spirals

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Reviewed by Mary on 09/04/2011

Fabulous studio!

Boulder is very lucky to have this studio. It is beautiful inside, and Melanie and Sasha are incredibly welcoming and offer and teach great classes that are fun while still learning correct techniques. Great studio!!

Reviewed by Kristin on 09/07/2011

Absolutely Amazing

I was so nervous the first time I went to pole class, but Sasha and Melanie were so sweet, welcoming, and encouraging that I instantly loved it. I would highly recommend this studio for anyone. I have seen great improvements in my own confidence and my friends' confidence because of the close, friendly environment that Boulder Spirals provides. Sasha and Melanie provide a wide variety of classes and moves so that there is something for everyone-they put in so much care and effort and it shows :)

Reviewed by Gretchen on 04/26/2013

Amazing studio

This studio has become a second home to me. I love how supportive the Boulder Spirals teachers are, and I wouldn't be as confident as I am today without them. I am so appreciative how they focus on proper technique so I dont end up hurting myself, and that has made me progress in dance and pole much faster than usual. I love this place, and all their classes, whether it is a workshop, progressive series, or a drop-in to slow & sexy stiletto.

Reviewed by Amy on 05/01/2013

Lap Dance 101

I've wanted to take a class at a pole studio for the longest time, and the lap dance 101 class was a fantastic intro to the studio. Sasha welcomed me with open arms, encouraged me, and helped me make a lot of progress during the series! She creates an environment that is warm, fun, and confidence-boosting. My husband definitely appreciated the work I put in, and I'll be back because there's a pole that's calling my name!

Reviewed by Grace on 05/07/2013

Progressive series

Boulder Spirals is an amazing place to come and learn pole. It's a friendly environment where I felt welcome the first time I stepped inside. The instructors for the progressive series are all so passionate about pole. They teach you to be safe to avoid injury while pushing you to do your best. It really is a great studio.

Reviewed by Anneli on 05/12/2013

10s Across the Board

I am proud to say that Boulder Spirals is my dance home! Everyone was extremely welcoming from the beginning and each and every instructor is passionate, supportive, and inspiring. The atmosphere in class is always positive and encouraging and I have grown both personally and as a dancer. I fully stand behind the philosophy of Boulder Spirals and deeply respect how much education and compassion Sasha has put forth to ensure safe and exciting progression through the intricacies of pole dancing!

Reviewed by Denielle on 09/01/2011

Drop In Level 3

I had the privilege of dropping in on Sasha's level 3 class while I was in Colorado for work. The studio is very easy to find, plenty of parking, and is warm and inviting. They have fabulously tall poles and lots of room for floor work. Sasha is focused on safety and teaching the "dance" portion of pole dancing along with the fundamentals and tricks. I would highly recommend this studio to students of all levels from beginner to advanced.

Lil Minx