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  • 402 N. Carroll Ave., Ste 120
  • Southlake, TX 76092
  • (817) 913 1560
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Core Fitness

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Reviewed by Diane w on 01/04/2012

Core Fitness

Love love love this studio! My first time working on the pole and we had such fun. The instructors make everyone feel at ease, considering what we were about to do, I'm so glad for that. We worked, we laughed and some of us fell over! Go, try it out it's a blast! The other classes offered are a great complement to the pole classes. Pretty soon, I'll be able to climb the darned thing!

Reviewed by Pole Fanatic on 01/04/2012

Pole Fitness Classes

I have become more comfortable in my own skin, I stand taller and walk with some serious swag. The instructors worked with each one of us individually so that we could progress to the next level with ease! Suggest all of the others classes like pilates, trx, and lap dance so that getting up that pole is as easy as it looks!

Reviewed by DancingGirl on 01/05/2012

Core Fitness

Beautiful, comfortable studio with first rate equipment and facilities. Great variety of classes to choose from (mix n match 'em all!) and the instructors are well qualified, inspiring and genuinely delighted to work with their clients. Always feel welcome and have met some lovely new friends :)

Reviewed by maddy on 02/18/2015

where is it?

Number doesn't work? The address took me to a neighborhood. I really wanted to join a class

Where to find them