Las Vegas Stripper Poles Dance Studio

  • 4305 S. Dean Martin Drive
  • Las Vegas, NV 89103
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Las Vegas Stripper Poles Dance Studio

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Reviewed by Lisa on 04/03/2012


I had an amazing time here I loved the class. My arms legs butt everything is sore but I feel so worked out. Isa is an amazing instructor and I am going to take her class again!

Reviewed by Traci on 04/08/2012

Forever LVSP

I'm never going to any other studio then this one.

Reviewed by Rouge on 04/14/2012

Last week was fun

I'm advanced in pole. Thought I knew every trick there was to do but they really showed me some stuff. I gotta say I'm pretty damn impressed with this place.

Reviewed by yang on 04/24/2012



Reviewed by Nancy on 04/29/2012


This class was such a great deal, I bought it off of groupon but it was worth so much more. I am worked out and sexfied.

Reviewed by Kelly on 05/18/2012


Loved the class. I was having a bad day and I came to this class still in a bad mood but after I left feeling great. I feel like a sexy cougar!

Reviewed by Kim on 05/18/2012


I am from Alabama and we do not have access to pole dancing classes. This was one of my favorite memories of my Vacation in Las Vegas. I can't stop talking about it. The instructor MADE the class great, she was very encouraging....funny....TALENTED, and great at explaining step by step.

Reviewed by Dalila on 05/18/2012


I've been to many pole studio's. LVSP's is by far the best looking studio. The dark hardwood floors and beautiful extra long poles make it look so elegant. It's very roomy and it's definitely the biggest in Vegas. The class was very entertaining and a great workout. I would definitely come back.

Reviewed by stephany on 05/20/2012

can't even begin to describe the awesomeness

screw all the other places. come HERE.

Reviewed by Hester on 05/24/2012

Read This

I come every business trip I take to Vegas. If you haven't experienced pole dancing you don't know what you've been missing. This is where you want to go. I'm a faithful client. All the instructors are outstanding, I don't have a fav. Their all sweet, funny and talented. SHOUT OUT TO MOE!

Reviewed by Jan on 05/26/2012

Too much fun!

Can't wait for my next vegas trip. I'm so coming back! This was possibly the best damn time I've ever had in my life. Definitely something you wanna bring the girls for.

Reviewed by Kali on 01/05/2012

Vegas Stripper University

Amazing class!! Great instructor! She's very thorough and patient and and detailed. I'm a beginner so I was a little worried at first but the class is so much fun and it's such a great workout. I love the little stripper diplomas we graduated with that had our stripper names on them! Isa was our instructor she's nothing short of AMAZING! Great experience, a must try!

Reviewed by Valerie on 01/10/2012


The staff and instructors at Vegas Stripper University are the best in the business. From the front desk staff (including Patty) who listened to me and helped me plan the perfect party; to the instructor Dragon who was very fun, motivating, talented and professional. We had a wonderful experience that was tailored to our individual needs! Everyone in our group enjoyed themselves and we cannot wait to get back for another awesome girls night out! Some of us are considering a membership for a new

Reviewed by Brittany on 01/12/2012

Vegas Stripper University

I had my bachelorette party there and had an amazing time. We all had our own poles so we didnt have to share. The tricks I learned I cant wait to show my new husband and best of all I got a workoutt!!!!!

Reviewed by Shannon on 01/16/2012


I live here in Vegas and wanted to try something new for my 25th birthday. I came here with a group of friends and had a unforgettable experience. The instructor was nice and friendly. We all got a diploma in stripperology at the end with our stripper names!!! I even consider taking this class as just a great workout. Thank you!!

Reviewed by Nia on 01/29/2012


This place is so cool. Me and my friends rented the place out for a birthday party. It was spacious but more importantly it was clean!!! Which is a very big deal for me cause I'm a neat freak. The teacher was hilarious. I'm definatley doing it again!

Reviewed by Janae on 01/29/2012

Best Place In Vegas

I've been to pole studios all over Vegas and this place is by far the best I've been to ...EVER.

Reviewed by Vikki on 01/29/2012


Me and my girl Nia had a wild time. Especially once the drinks got going Lol Good times :D

Reviewed by kiwi on 02/02/2012

too much fun

I had an amazing time. The instructor was greatt. I used what I learned when I got home.

Reviewed by Britt on 02/04/2012

My experience

I came here last week. Had so much fun with the instructor Isa. She's so goood! Really knows how to break down the moves. If you come here ask for Isa.

Reviewed by Monica on 02/08/2012

Vegas Stripper University

I came here for my sister's birthday and we had a GREAT time! I thought I would be a bit intimadated by it but not at all. Our instructor Isa was amazing!! I would definetly do it again.

Reviewed by Alana on 02/09/2012

Oh.. My... GAWD

This place is the bomb.

Reviewed by Carol on 02/09/2012

5 stars doesn't do it justice

I don't take classes here I just have a membership so I'll come on off days play music and kind of just good around on the poles. It's cool. The studio is very chill. And the instructors are funny. Love this place.

Reviewed by Brittany on 02/21/2012

Im lovin it.

amazing place. its beautiful and the instructors and staff are great. i highly recommend

Reviewed by Armia on 02/25/2012

Pole Fitness

I had an amazing class with Dragon. She went over the 45 minutes to help me with my form and was really patient and didnt rush me at all when class time was coming to an end. The classes are small so I was able to get a lot of time and attention which is just what I needed. Dragon was amazing and I just bought a year membership and I meet with her one on one once a week and get gym time when I want to practice. Definitely well worth it!!

Reviewed by city chick on 03/09/2013

my review

Highly recommended. In all honesty, this is the only reason I come to Vegas is to come here.

Reviewed by Dani on 03/13/2012


I come here all the time. You're not going to find a place this nice and cheap anywhere else. Lol It's just not going to happen. This studio is the SHIT.

Reviewed by Noel on 03/13/2012

My favorite place in Vegas

This studio is nice. I come here everytime I'm in Vegas. It's my favorite spot cause it's so big and it's never over crowded. Me and my friends were there yesterday goofing around. If you haven't been here you don't know what your missing.

Reviewed by Michelle on 03/15/2012

In one word: AMAZING

This is where I learned most of my advanced tricks from.

Reviewed by Jessica on 03/16/2012

too much fun

I had a wonderful time here. I thought I was too old but I was wrong I still have it :)

Reviewed by Cassidy on 03/19/2012


AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I had so much fun with my girls. I haven't had that much fun in a long time! If youre very conservative and boring then this is not that class for you. But if your open to new and crazy experiences this is the next thing you must try. Dragon is hilarious! My stripper name she chose for me was: Wet Dream Double Team.... For personal reasons. haha it was very fun!

Reviewed by Angie F on 03/24/2012

Isa's Pole Party

I took Isa's party today & it was fun. I will bring my other girlfriends for a party & her classes.

Reviewed by Nicki on 03/25/2012

Lap & Pole Class by Isa

Isa's class rock here. must take.

Reviewed by Trianna on 03/25/2012

Isa's Pole Class

Lisa was amazing!! She is an awesome instructor, I loved this class!

Reviewed by Arla on 03/25/2012

Isa's Pole & lap Class

What a fun class! We all had a great time getting together for a girls night out. Isa's class was not only a workout but it was such a good time. I would recommend it to everyone! Thanks Isa!

Reviewed by jeanyne on 03/25/2012

Isa's Pole Class

Such a great class!!! my husband is stoked!!!

Reviewed by Bianca on 03/30/2012

nice lil spot

Love the music they play in class. It was more of a jam session for me than anything.

Lil Minx