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Reviewed by Emma on 03/02/2015

Bad Reviews

It is very clear to me that the last several negative reviews posted on here have been posted by someone who either doesn't understand the purpose of this site and these reviews, or someone who is extremely immature and childish. If you don't like Studio Goddess, then don't go, but don't post such bizarre, false, and immature trash!!

Reviewed by Katie on 03/17/2015


Recently attended a party at this studio honoring a bride to be! It was an awesome and fun time for everyone! I have never tried the fitness classes here, but based on my experience I will be returning to try those out also!

Reviewed by Carla on 03/27/2015

Awesome Classes!

Been coming to Studio Goddess about six months now, and am completely hooked! The classes are varied, well taught, and totally fun! Came to a party first, and was instantly intrigued and wanted to try the classes. Awesome studio!

Reviewed by Sharon on 07/01/2013

Love it!

I have been attending Pole and Fitness classes at Studio Goddess for three weeks now and I just love it. I tell everyone I see how much fun we have. I plan to purchase an annual membership and I cannot wait to have a party here! This is getting fit the fun way!!

Reviewed by Sasha on 07/02/2013


This place is gross. Read the comments before you go! Everything is dirty and the instructors were just chatting the whole time. Not worth the money! No matter what discount they offer!

Reviewed by Lisa on 04/03/2012

What an experience!

I've been going to classes for four weeks now and I absolutely love them! The instructors are helpful and fun and the workout is amazing. Just getting my sweat on twice a week at Studio Goddess, I've lost 4lbs. Also, I love my abs! And just in time for swimsuit season too!

Reviewed by Darci on 07/03/2013

More Than Pole!

I love this studio because they offer more than just pole dancing! I have taken Zumba, dance, aerobics, chair dance, and hip-hop at this studio. I'm excited to try the pole dancing and I think it will be great if it is as good as the classes I have taken so far! Very cool way to workout!

Reviewed by Amee on 07/16/2013


This studio is unlike an of the studios I have attended in Nashville! The instructor actually teaches you how to use the pole to spin, twirl and leap! We did a fun jazz routine that included dance and pole moves! I had a blast! Can't wait to go back!

Reviewed by Krista ginancip on 07/29/2013

Burlesque class

I only wish we had a studio closer! Nicole was an awesome and inviting instructor, me and two friends drove 3 hrs to take this class from her and we will be back many more times! Everything was clean and inviting and inexpensive! We had an absolutely wonderful time!! Don't listen to whoever is writing this bad review multiple times, I have no doubt it's a competitor!! Thank you Nicole for a wonderful experience!!!!

Reviewed by Tori on 07/29/2013

So Much Fun!

We had our bridal shower at Studio Goddess this past weekend and it was a total blast. The studio is really cute and colorful. The instructor was so funny and encouraging! This is a must if you are planning a trip to Nashville! I wish we had a studio like this back home!

Reviewed by Danielle on 08/06/2013

Weight loss

I started at Studio G about 8 months ago! I have attended on average 3 classes per week and am so amazed with the results! 2 years ago a friend gave me an adorable dress that I was sure I would never fit into! Well last week I tried it on and it fits like a glove! I have shrank 4 dress sizes and couldn't be happier! I haven't changed my diet and Studio Goddess is the only workout I have been doing! I'm so excited about my new body!

Reviewed by Angela on 08/09/2013

Love the classes!

I wish we had one of these in Arizona! I love the classes they offer! They have it all! Pole, flexibility, acro, dance, hiphop, and more pole!!!! They break everything down so it is easy to learn and builds strength!

Reviewed by Rochelle on 08/12/2013

Great Space! Great Instructors!

I have been coming to this studio for over a year. It really is the best studio in town. I have tried them all. I don't know why anyone would call it gross or dirty. It has always been very clean when I have attended classes and the instructor is usually swiffering the floor upon our arrival. I have read several of these reviews that are negative and it sounds like sour grapes to me. Maybe it is filthy on days I'm not there but I attend class 3 days a week and its beautiful! As for...

Reviewed by Rochelle on 08/12/2013


As for the instructors...the studio owner was selected for at least two national competitions that I know of and they only took the top 10 applicants out of hundreds. She has obviously proven that she is a master of her craft. The studio has other sweet instructors as well! I have a feeling that it is the substandard studio in town. They should stop slandering Alethea and Nicole and focus on finding instructors and stop begging for money and instructors on Facebook. What a joke!

Reviewed by Brooke on 08/20/2013


We came in from Chicago this weekend for a pole party and it was a blast! I wish I could pack up our instructor and move her and the poles home with me! The class was harder than I thought but she asked us what our strengths were and used those to teach us a routine! If I lived in Nashville I would be there for every class!

Reviewed by Kristen on 10/18/2011

This is the studio for absolute beginners and absolute competitors

This studio is Nashville's most established pole dance fitness studio! All the instructors are trained gymnast, contemporary dancers, and yoga/pilates instructors! The studio prides themselves on teaching form and technique while providing a physical workout with great confidence bulding! I love this studio!

Reviewed by Kali on 05/15/2012

In Love! Best of the Best!

I love this place best pole studio I have ever been too! Reminds me of allure back home in LA! Love it!

Reviewed by Rachel B on 05/15/2012

Proud Member!

I am so proud to be a member of Studio Goddess! I have been going 3 times a week to the flirty fitness classes and have dropped a dress size in 1.5 months! I love shake your abs! You must try it!!!!

Reviewed by BA on 05/16/2012

Disregard my two reviews

Upon reading this post the studio owner called me and explained there had been a misunderstanding. She apologized for the lack of communication as did I for the comments I made. She sent me the $15 plus a gift card for the four classes I purchased free. I am anxious to try this studio and I think things will run more smoothly now that we have communicated and gotten to the bottom of our misunderstanding.

Reviewed by Danielle on 12/01/2011

Studio Goddess

Studio Goddess is awesome the classes are great and so are the instructors I started about 7 months ago and now I'm addicted. This is the best place to go if you wanna get in shape and have so much fun doing it thankyou Nicole you're the best!

Reviewed by ashley on 12/07/2011


it was very cool love these classes will be back!

Reviewed by Diana on 12/07/2011

Best way to workout!

I've been going to Studio Goddess for a few months now and love it! Quickly found it to be my favorite way to workout. Incorporates elements of gymnastics, dance, flexibility, yoga/pilates, and toning/strengthening. Wide variety of classes for all levels - absolute beginners will feel welcome. Everything from yoga/pilates workouts, abs, dance choreography, and learning moves on the pole. Teachers very friendly and encouraging. Member specials are also totally worth it!

Reviewed by Gracie on 09/10/2013

First Class!

I just attended my first class at Studio Goddess tonight! I was really nervous! I loved it! At first during the warm up the instructor,the studio owner, seemed pretty scary, she was very concerned about our body position and was correcting almost everyone, not to mention built like a beast. I thought "I can't do this!" Once we got on the poles she was more laid back. I think she just didn't want anyone to pull a muscle while stretching. She was very descriptive in talking about what muscle...

Reviewed by Amanda on 12/07/2011

Studio Goddess

I have been taking pole classes at Studio Goddess since February this year. I have learned so much in the short time I have been going here. I would suggest Studio Goddess to anyone who wants a really good workout in a fun environment.

Reviewed by Gracie on 09/10/2013

First time continued

What muscle groups we were working! We learned about 5 different pole moves and at the end of class we put them together. The studio was very clean and smelled like cotton candy! I read these reviews and was nervous about what to expect but it was clean and the instructor was nothing but professional. She constantly asked if anyone had questions and made me feel very welcome. I can't wait to go back next week!

Reviewed by Shelly on 12/07/2011

Fun workout!

I love this place. Great place and instructors definitely challenge me in all sorts of ways. The fitness classes are creative and a great use of the pole.

Reviewed by Monica on 12/07/2011

Studio Goddess

This is the best women's fitness studio ever. When I started in June I was so nervous. This kind of thing was FAR outside my comfort zone. Since then I've gotten a membership, lost 6" from my waist and my confidence has skyrocketed. It's definitely for adults, which I love. If I wanted to talk like a baby I'd stay home with my kids. The instructors are all trained in pole and either gymnastics, yoga, Pilates, dance, or Zumba. Everyone is so nice. I will never go to another pole studio.

Reviewed by Emily on 12/07/2011

Studio Goddess Rocks!

Studio Goddess truly has changed my life. Since starting there back when it first opened last fall, I have gotten in better shape and improved my self-confidence. The best part of Studio Goddess is the one-on-one attention Nicole gives each student. She really makes you feel confident and she is so proud when you master a new move! As for Mellisa's comment, yes there was a time when the heat was out, but Nicole offered everyone a second class FREE because of it. It's not a typical occurrence.

Reviewed by Mrs. VanB on 12/07/2011

Best Pole Studio in Nashville

I have been coming to Studio Goddess since it opened and it's by far the best deal in Nashville for pole fitness. I have tried the other major studio in Nashville and I just wasn't impressed. Studio Goddess charges less per class and they run for a half hour longer!!!! And the instructors are very knowledgeable in pole skills and are great at teaching them to you. There's only one place for pole in Nashville....Studio Goddess!!

Reviewed by MG on 09/12/2013

Downloaded app got a free class!

I haven't been to the studio yet but I'm hella excited! I just moved here and left my pole studio. I downloaded their iPhone app and got a free class! I see they have some cool classes on the schedule I'm excited to try!

Reviewed by Brit on 09/22/2013

Fun students & smart instructors!

I just started last week and have taken 6 classes! The other students were so welcoming! They even get together after class for fun activities and invited me to join! In two weeks I have had a chemist, a physicist, and an engineer teaching my classes! Wow! Smart, strong and pretty girls in one room, seems intimidating but they were kind and patient! I just got another package! This is my new dance home!

Reviewed by Rachel on 12/21/2011

Do not Recommend

Would not recommend anyone to this pole studio. Went to 8 classes and only had one good class because it was taught by a fill-in instructor when the owner was out of town. I got my money's worth for one class.

Reviewed by Clare on 10/19/2013

Had a blast!

I was visiting Nashville and wanted to take a few pole classes at the pole studios. I teach pole in Utah and loved studio goddess! The instructors were friendly and very knowledgable of proper pole technique. I had the honor of taking a private with Kristen who I have been following on Instagram and YouTube. She is a beast and breaks down the difficult moves and sent me home with lots of drills to get stronger. The studio was adorable and clean! I will tell everyone to stop there when in nash!

Reviewed by Stephanie on 12/24/2011

pole class

I am a fluffy girl and I LOVED this class. I hate going to gyms, but wanted a good work out. I felt so comfortable the whole time; no one judges you on your ability for beginners, and are SO supportive when you accomplish a new move!! A fantastic work out and very fun!!!! I am so glad there is a studio where I can feel fun and sexy and get a great work out too. Thank you Studio Goddess

Reviewed by Liz on 06/28/2012

In love with pole fitness

I wanted to do something fun & out of my comfort zone for my friends birthday. I found studio goddess online but was unable to book a class due to me always doing things at the last minute. I called the 800 # & the cheerful owner answered the phone & let me know to come to the studio and she would fit us in the class. We had too much fun! After I used my package up I started a membership! I have been going for 3 months & am having a great time!!!!

Reviewed by Goddess A Go-Go on 03/23/2011


We actually have 7 poles! We have the most beautiful and innovative studio in Nashville! We are also the only studio in town who offers 90 minute classes! To us pole fitness should be an overall total mind and body work-out! We boost confidence as well as endurance while creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for our ladies! We feel that every woman has an inner Goddess that should be unleashed! Call us today! We are running a great March Special!

Reviewed by Emily S. on 08/23/2012

No disappointment here!

Whenever I walk into this studio, the world outside ceases to exist. I love the down-to-earth instructors, the small class sizes, and the fact that even though I'm very much a beginner, I'm treated like a pro. And the boost of confidence provided by taking these classes is greater than I ever thought. But my absolute my number one reason for coming back is the staff. And any time I've ever had a question or problem, I receive a personal response from the owner. I love that.

Reviewed by Charla on 01/03/2014

Great classes!

While visiting Nashville on holiday I took three classes! The flexibility class was amazing! The advanced class was truly advanced. I have been poling for 2 years and am considered advanced at my home studio, but these girls...WOW! Their advanced class students were all lifting in to straddle inverts with ease and I had never been taught this technique. I was obviously not on the level of the other girls but the instructor took her time with me and worked with me at my level! Wish I lived in nas

Reviewed by Gina on 01/23/2014

Great workout! New friends!

I love this place! I tried their hoop, hammock, and silks class and it was tough but a blast. I'm a little nervous to try the pole class but the flexibility class was great as well. I traveled in from Atlanta and this studio seemed to offer the most variety in classes. This place is more than a pole studio they have lots of acrobatic classes and I can't wait to try more!

Reviewed by Keisha on 01/31/2014

Love Acro Flow

I really love AcroFlow! It's handbalancing, gymnastics, and choreography. They always give variations so everyone is working in something! It's a cool class!

Reviewed by Megan Johnson on 02/06/2014


Read through previous comments and I'm in utter disbelief. Being a former manager of a well established athletic club, I can only assume most of the negative comments were written by competitors! I signed up for my first class 3 wks ago & I'm hooked. Cheered & danced my entire life and haven't found an outlet as an adult, until now!! I tell everyone about Studio Goddess! How much I've learned in 3 short weeks! How fun and helpful the instructors are. If I had the money I would be there daily!!

Reviewed by Andrea on 12/10/2012

Great Studio

i had a blast! The studio is adorable! Great environment. Fun instructors and very friendly ladies in the class!

Reviewed by Nicole on 01/31/2012

Try Us FREE!!!!

Studio Goddess is so confident in our ability to exceed your expectations that we will provide you with 1 FREE CLASS!!!! Because we are Middle Tennessee's most established studio in the flirty fitness industry, it seems competitors must use emotional terrorism in public forums to divert costumers from our studio. They know once you try our studio, you will be hooked! To prove these post are simply false we will offer you a free class of your choice! Call today to set up your class!

Reviewed by Studio Goddess on 01/31/2012

Rachel Please Call

Rachel I am so sorry that you felt your experience was less than you desired. Your satisfaction is very important to us! I would like to provide you with the 7 classes you took while I was out of town. please give me a call and I will credit them to your account. Thanks! Nicole

Reviewed by Margo on 01/31/2012

Love Love Love!

I love this studio so much not only is it a fitness studio its a santuary for women. I have met so many new friends here and developed relationships. Not only do I love all of the teachers but they make pole fitness fun and explain everything really well! I will be there weekly to continue getting better at my new love and art!

Reviewed by Kristen E. on 02/01/2012

Excellent Studio!

I started going to Studio Goddess in November 2010 and I would not go anywhere else. The instructors are encouraging, fun, and friendly. They teach everything from beginner spins to advanced moves. The instructors also give personalized attention and break down the moves by teaching the proper technique. This is an excellent studio! As for the comment about the dirty poles: there is alcohol available to everyone to clean off your pole. :)

Reviewed by Shanteala on 02/01/2012

I'm hooked!

I absolutely love studio goddess! I went in two mths ago just to check it out and ended up becoming a member the same day. They gave me a offer I couldn't refuse- $50 unlimited with awesome member perks! They offer a variety of pole and dance classes, there's sure to be a fit for u here. It's never been dirty or unprofessional anytime that I have been here. The instructors r friendly, supportive and knowledgable. Nicole (owner) is wonderful, helpful and very funny luv her!

Reviewed by Chelsea on 04/09/2014

Fun and spunky!

I have never much liked exercise but wanted to give this place a try. They have so much variety that it was hard to pick just one class to call my favorite. I am in the studio 4-5 days a week. I drive in from spring hill and it is so worth it! I have seen so much change in my body! I've always been thin but now I have muscles and I love them! It's challenging but after watching my instructor (who competes in invitation only she is really badass) I'm inspired!

Reviewed by Belle on 02/05/2012

Love, love, love it!!!!

Decided to give it a try when I saw it on livingsocial. After the 1st class, I knew I wanted a membership. 3 months later... I'm addicted! I always look forward to class & the variety of classes keeps things exciting. I think I've taken classes from virtually all of the instructors & they are always knowledgeable & encouraging. I've never enjoyed "working out" this much before!! Highly recommend!!

Reviewed by Crystal on 01/09/2013

Great workout

I'm in love with their Shake Your Abs class! I have never had so much fun working out! My abs have never felt the burn like this before! The best part is you wont do a single crunch! Studio is adorable and very clean, not sure where the other posters went but they couldn't be more wrong about this place!

Reviewed by Crystal on 06/11/2014

But you could pay less...

I'm not going to lie, I really wanted to try Studio Goddess but saw they were a bit more expensive than the studio near my house. So I tried that studio, and it appeared the instructors had no basic technical training and in general not a welcoming environment. I decided to pay a little more and go to Studio Goddess. You can just tell the skill level is high. Then I saw all the awards the staff had won. So they must be good! Just joined as a member. Learn from the best...or you can pay less.

Reviewed by Shikarah P on 02/20/2012

Love It

I took my first class in December 2011and right after class I bought a unlimited membership. I love Studiogoddess, since iI started taking classes there my confidence has went up. There is a wide variety of classes offered from poleography to zumba. I am so glad that I found studiogoddess. Nicole and her staff are very professional and amazing instructors!!!!!!

Reviewed by Cass on 04/03/2013

Love this place!

I absolutely love this place! Best location in Nashville! The instructors are all sweet girl next door types and made me feel very welcome! I did the 30 day unlimited pass for $60 and can't get enough! I've been in there for every class! I love pole fit and shake your abs! Pole-lates is hard but a great workout! I am starting to get closer to my splits with the owners flexibility class that I have been doing everyday at home! I never took dance classes growing up and this is fabulous!

Reviewed by Laura on 04/05/2013

Second to none - I love Studio Goddess

I became a member of Studio Goddess in Sep. of 2012 and have been going to the studio anywhere from 2-5 days a week for classes. I am now 100% addicted to pole fitness. Nicole is a great instructor, fun and energetic. Diana, Belle, Kate, & Iman are also all really unique and they're all super teachers. There is something here for everyone, whether you're a first time pole student or a competitive performer. At SG, you get to dance & build strength/flexibility, not just grind on a pole. Me gusta.

Reviewed by Elizabeth on 05/05/2013

I'm in love

So so so much fun. Was hesitant at first about being judged by other girls & not being experienced but had a blast! The instructor & other women in the class were great! Never ever felt judged!!! Thank you studio goddess! Will be back!!

Reviewed by Macy on 10/15/2014

Found My New Favorite Fitness!

I had so much fun tonight in booty burn! We moved for 45 minutes nonstop! i loved it!

Reviewed by owner on 11/23/2014

Dirty Feet & DIRTY OWNER

The owner of this company is a "crook" she ask for money using children! The worst part is HOW DIRTY HER FEET ARE IN ALL HER VIDEOS, EWW! You can tell by her feet & LOOK, that she not PROFESSIONAL.

Reviewed by Jennifer on 12/06/2014

Love it!

This was my first time trying any of these classes. I found the instructors to be patient, and extremely knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable here even though I am not in as good a shape as most of the others! Really good workouts!

Reviewed by Partygoer on 12/08/2014

Holiday party!

We had a blast at our party at Studio Goddess! Great studio and great hostess!

Reviewed by Carla on 12/14/2014

Great Classes

This place is great! The Booty Burn class is to die for! All classes are taught in a professional manner by skilled instructors. Great workout!

Reviewed by Bea on 12/14/2014

Holiday Showcase!

Great holiday showcase! Owner has good marketing ideas and skills!

Reviewed by Jess on 01/04/2015

Variety of Classes

This studio is great! There is a wide variety of classes, and there seems to be something for everybody. Nicole is not only an awesome instructor, but has terrific ideas and appears to work tirelessly to keep her clients happy! The other instructors all are terrific as well. Well managed, well run, and offering great fitness classes.

Reviewed by Jen on 01/06/2015


Awesome studio, awesome selection of classes, awesome instructors, and awesome deals going on right now! Can't lose!

Reviewed by Jeri on 01/10/2015

Definitely Worth the $$$$$

I started this adventure by attending a studio closer to my home that was somewhat cheaper. I then found Studio Goddess and discovered the vast difference. This studio is professionally run, and the instructors are very competent and patient! Lots of variety and much more consistency than my previous studio. Worth it!

Reviewed by Grace on 12/07/2010

a surprisingly pleasant find!

6 poles (w/1 spinner), private, variety w/classes for flirty girl fitness! Class fees/packages- very reasonable. Another bonus-2 instructors w/group classes for lots of personal attention! The workout-fantastic! Strength moves, stretching, core work, balance, dance! Bring as much of your personality to the workout as you want! Nicole (owner) has endless energy, is so enthusiastic & encouraging, it’s infectious! A definite recommend, it gets 4+ stars only because I started lessons in Vegas!

Reviewed by Danielle on 08/11/2013

Don't trust these reviews

C'mon everyone! With commmon sense you can easily tell the majority and maybe all of the "positive" reviews listing class offerings etc are totally written by whoever is running this place. More than one reviewer has mentioned the place is "gross" or dirty and I will say... its not clean. And yes, instructors seem to talk more than they teach. With the amount of money it costs to take any pole class at any studio the least this studio could do is clean up and hire a professional instructor.

Reviewed by BA on 05/03/2012

Do not waste your money!

I purchased the $45 March special for Studio Goddess, huge mistake! I tried to register a few times over the past two months and the classes are always booked 2-3 months ahead (only because the studio is super small). There was no place to register my coupon code on their website and I’ve reached out to the manager several times on trying to book a class and finally requesting a refund. (continued in next review)

Reviewed by BA on 05/03/2012

Dont waste your money continued

(Continued) The manager, Kristi, kept providing confusing misinformation and never followed thru on applying the deal to my account as she initially promised.She finally agreed to issue a refund and today I received a check in the mail for $30 (I’d paid $45) with the check written in hot pink marker! Kristi never tried to be accommodating or even apologize for the inconvenience

Reviewed by Mellisa on 12/04/2011

Filthy and unprofessional* Waste of time and money

started pole fitness classes at Pole Fitness Studio in Miami, Florida in 2008 and hated I had to leave there and find a new studio when I moved to Nashville for work this past January. I found Goddess a go go through Google and decided to buy a class. $30 for: Instructor 20 mins late/ NO HEAT just small space heater/ hair fingernails dirt and footprints on floor/ uncleaned poles covered in fingerprints/ unprofessional* instructor openly discussed sex life Never went back.

Reviewed by Ashley on 12/09/2011

Waste of money

The "studio" is a small room with mirrors on one wall that are so low you can't even see yourself on the pole. Dirty dirty dirty! The good reviews here must be written by employees. Waste $30 and see for yourself. Take hand sanitizer and keep your shoes ON!!

Reviewed by Amanda Ferell on 12/17/2011


I must agree with other posts that this place is disturbingly dirty considering it is a fitness studio where sweat comes into contact with everything- like the poles that looked as if they'd never been wiped down. Instructor Nicole was more of an entertainer than instructor and spent more time watching herself in the mirrors than teaching students anything. I now go to Urban Studios and would suggest those of you accustomed to goddess to try urban once- you'll never settle for mediocre again!

Reviewed by Janelle on 06/15/2012

You cannot believe everything you read.

As a mom of 3 I have little time for time for myself. I purchased classes at Studio Goddess after reading .net reviews I thought to be trustworthy. After the first class I was upset with myself for wasting "Me-time" money on "Pole classes" which turned out to be 90 minutes of listening to young girls gossiping. It was a joke and complete waste of money and TIME. I recommend only buying ONE class and seeing what its really like before reading online reviews & purchasing expensive packages.

Reviewed by Will not be back on 12/17/2011

Will not be back

If you're looking to practice the art of pole dancing this is not the place. The instructor was the least graceful dancer I've seen

Reviewed by Rachel on 12/21/2011

Do not Recommend

Would not recommend anyone to this pole studio. Went to 8 classes and only had one good class because it was taught by a fill-in instructor when the owner was out of town. I got my money's worth for one class.

Reviewed by Shelby on 06/25/2012

Horrible Experience!

I felt as if the teacher was not even interested in teaching .She was more interested in looking at herself in the mirror. We were forced to share poles because she overbooked. We spent good money to learn something, and I feel that it was a waste of time, and especially money. I will never come back to this establishment. It was not inviting at all, and I spent all class listening to her gossip and talk openly about her sex life. Very unprofessional!!! Will not come back!

Reviewed by Angela on 12/27/2011

Waste of time.

I don't understand how this place is still open.

Reviewed by Viv on 05/02/2013

Customer Service

I had a horrible experience with scheduling my classes by redeeming my livingsocial voucher. The customer service sucks, and I have wasted the money spent on the voucher.

Reviewed by Owner on 11/23/2014

dirty feet

clean your feet gross studio never again

Reviewed by owner on 11/23/2014

fake as your eyelashes!

You are a great liar and con-women. She would not refund my money after i walked in and saw how rude and all the owner talked about was herself, and her sex life! I am a christian and did not want to hear about that .

Reviewed by owner on 11/23/2014


All she talked about was herself! Pictures of herself.. what did you miss out in? I think her childhood was messed up! Ive heard some stories about her.

Reviewed by WHO IS THE NICOLE? on 12/12/2014


First what is your real name? Let's start there, next there are no records of your proclaimed " dance experience.. International travel, liar, liar. liar. As you always talk in class about your sex life. Lets talk about your FEET & HAIR, fix that! you can't buy beauty. nice eyelashes, LOL

Reviewed by Lisa on 12/20/2014

Never responds

I've tried to call the number and never an answer

Reviewed by lony on 02/21/2015


This place is nasty!! The woman here are GAY one lady tried having sex with me. I ate her pussy she ate mine then we danced!!!!! Love her tits but the place is gross....

Lil Minx