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Reviewed by Kristen on 04/26/2010

Just 4 Trix

If you are looking for pole lessons than Trixie at Just 4 Trix is the BEST! I have taken several lessons with Trixie and I must say not only is she patient,and thorough she also is very talented on the pole herself. Not only will you enchance your inner sexy self, you gain great self-confidence all at the same time that you are getting a GREAT workout! Thumbs up from this girl!

Reviewed by Pony on 04/27/2010

Just 4 Trix

Whether you're interested in pole for fitness, fun or as a performance art, Just 4 Trix is the way to go! I have studied with several pole schools here in Las Vegas and Trixie is my favorite instructor. Her ability to break down all moves into the most basic terms and her bubbly personality guarantee you will have fun and achieve your pole dancing goals!

Reviewed by Karen on 05/11/2010

Just 4 Trix

Trixie is the BEST! I never thought I could pole dance but Trixie is amazing, her patience and her ability to break down the moves is incredible. I can now pole dance! Trixie always creates an atmosphere of fun and I awlays leave class feeling sexy and invigorated. I am a changed woman - Thanks Trixie!

Reviewed by Denielle on 05/25/2010

Just 4 Trix

Trixie is Amazing....I look forward to my lessons with her every week. She is always there to push me to learn something new and she really goes the extra mile for all of her students. I know I can speak for everyone when I say We Love Her!

Reviewed by Sasha on 05/25/2010

Just 4 Trix

Trixie's knowledge of the art of pole, from basic technique to actual performance, is beyond compare. Not only does she understand the anatomy of movement, her whole essence sings with her love of dance. Her passion and compassion take each student to a new level of personal achievement. Yes, she teaches tricks, but more importantly, she teaches empowerment. She is the best.

Reviewed by Kristina on 05/28/2010


Fabulous!! :)

Reviewed by Amy on 05/28/2010

Pole lessons

If you are looking for a great workout this is the person to see. She is the best teacher and a great person, I loved going to my lessons we had a great time. Thanks trixie

Reviewed by Isa on 06/11/2010

Just 4 Trix

Trixie is a GREAT instructor. She knows her craft and explains the techinques very well. What I like is that she knows her muscle anatomy and that helps me coming from that background. She is a patient teacher, you feel relax in her class and I think that helps you to learn more and we always have fun in miss Trixie's classes.

Reviewed by Ann on 07/06/2010


Trixie is so awesome. She is easy to learn from, and an amazing women. Thanks Trixie! You rock!

Reviewed by Jacki on 09/15/2010

Amazing Instructor

Trixie is absolutely the BEST instructor. She's able to breakdown moves into their simplest form, so everyone can understand them. She creates interesting and dynamic routines to help teach and remember moves/move sets. On top of all this, she is absolutely hilarious and makes every lesson so much fun! You cant go wrong taking lessons with Trixie.

Reviewed by Kristee on 10/06/2010

Just 4 Trix

Wow! I took a lesson with Trixie at Just 4 Trix and I had so much fun! She was patient, thorough and truly cared that I got the most out of my lesson. If you are looking to take pole dancing lessons, this is definitely the place to go! Not only you will have a lot of fun, enjoy a great exercise and you will also gain tons of self-confidence! Thanks Trixie!!

Reviewed by Kris on 10/20/2011


Wow! Isa is the best dancer and pole dancer of all times. I enjoy taking her zumba & pole, pole level 1 and pole strenght. She is patient and always willing to help, weather it one or group activity.. Isa is the best hands down baby!!! (:

Reviewed by Kris on 10/20/2011


Trixie is the best hands down. Her level one will have you learing new tricks every week. Not the same routine over and over.. Trixie is the bomb! And she knows it! She is by far the best of the best! If ur ever in vegas pls take trixie class you wont regret it!

Reviewed by jen on 03/31/2011

Just 4 Trix

Just had a private lesson with Trixie. She is very friendly and puts you at ease. She is able to break down moves very well and is able to determine if you are engaging the correct muscles in order to prevent injury. If you are even in Las Vegas and get a chance to take a class or private with her I'd highly recommend her!

Reviewed by Brittany on 11/10/2013

Just 4 Trix

Trixie is great and she understands that not everyone learns the same way. I really appreciate her willingness to show me a move 4 times before I even give it a try! She'll talk you through the move, make adjustments to your body, and demobstrate hitting just about every learning style. Taking classes with Just 4 Trix has given me upper body strength, core and back strength, and confidence. I love my pole classes and my pole sisters at Just 4 Trix!

Reviewed by Elisha Starr on 11/13/2013

Just 4 Trix

Trixie is amazing. Her attention to detail mixed with her intelligent wit makes pole dancing challenging and fun at the same time. Even on days when I don't quite feel into it by the time I leave I am grateful I showed up.

Reviewed by Mandy on 01/26/2012

Looking forward to heading back!

This was my first introduction to pole dancing and it definitely left me wanting more! Trixie is a great teacher and an amazing dancer! I had to move away from Vegas but will go back to take a class when I visit!

Reviewed by Lynn on 12/20/2012

Just 4 Trix

I simply love this class! Trixie has a lot of knowledge and experience with pole dancing. It's great to feel confident in your instructors knowledge so you don't end up injured. This class is a fun way to exercise, will boosted your self confidence, and will make any girl feel sexy! I defiantly recommend taking this class!!

Reviewed by Alexa on 04/03/2013

Just 4 Trix;-)

Just 4 Trix is a phenomenal addition to anyone's life! Trixie brings tremendous experience from over a decade of profession dance in Las Vegas (and with it lots of stories!) I love how she gives memorable names, stories, or experiences to moves, so you that you can be sure to remember them!... And I do:-) Choreography is made to help us understand movement, anatomy, and our own mental "stuff". It can always be broken down. She believes the best in you! You will be mind and body empowered!:-)

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