Aradia Fitness

  • 8420 Chapel Hill Rd, Suite 117
  • Cary, NC 27513
  • (919) 801-2141
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Aradia Fitness

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Reviewed by Whitney on 10/28/2011

I love Aradia!

Beautiful studio, instructors are knowledgeable, motivating, filled with energy, it's just an all around awesome place to workout and pole. Wish I could go every day of the week! I love it there! Aradia will have you feeling like a diva in an hour flat. 'nuff said!

Reviewed by Tara Griffin on 03/27/2011

Amazing studio

I visited this studio while on a cross country road trip to take a silks workshop. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. The inside of the studio was beautiful. Living in Charleston, its a 4 hour drive, but worth every minute. There is a great variety of classes offered and the instructors WANT to see you succeed and surpass them in skill.

Reviewed by Samantha Paradise on 07/18/2011

Great Studio

Aradia is a great place to get your pole on! Or for that matter silks, acro-pole, chair....and many other new workouts! I love this studio and have traveled four hours to attend multiple times! The instructors love what they do and you can tell! Beautiful studio filled with beautiful people! I just wish I lived closer!!

Lil Minx